Wholesale Fleur-de-Lis

Wholesale-fleur-de-lis shopping can be difficult for many reasons. There aren’t too many websites that offer fleur-de-specific items that you may be fishing around for. Fret no longer! Roux Brands values our customers and aim to help make that process less hectic. Consider our site your one stop shop for all things wholesale-fleur-de-lis!

We have a wide variety of products all of which display our fresh, roux look. From our gold Fleur-de-lis electroplate stemmed and stemless wine glasses to our feisty Fleur-de-lis regal picture frames and everything in between, you can bet our wholesale-fleur-de-lis items will be a hit in your shop!

You may be wondering what makes our site differ from other wholesalers. Allow me to enlighten you with this one exert from our book La Fleur de Lis: Histories, Mysterious, Recipes, and Menologies of the World’s Most Enduring Symbol,

“Our goal was to provide an overview of its influence in this Southern realm, to trace its oft-disputed history, and to offer ways for you to enjoy the fleur de lis as we do: through food, music, cocktails, and spirituality.”

Here at Roux we surpass what is means to be a wholesale-fleur-de-lis shop, for we care about the history and meaning of the symbol itself. We consider our customers a family and do what is beyond necessary in assisting you to achieve your individual goals.

So please, join us on this timeless journey to reinvent, reintroduce, and rejuvenate wholesale-fleur-de-lis in your customers’ hearts and homes.