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A Gift from the Manger - Christmas Inspirational Frame

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7.00″h × 7.00″w × 1.00″d - 1.00 LBS

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A Gift from the Manger - Christmas Inspirational Frame

7.00″W × 7.00″H × 1.00″D

A World of Joy: There’s nothing impossible about a Virgin Birth or a Moving Star. But to our ancestors they were magic. Compelled, the Magi followed the trail of a star unto a great mystery: born into a manger, a King - a Signal of Coming Peace. It was an event so spectacular we’re still honoring it two millennia later. Stylish and completely unique, these 7x7" Shadowboxes are great for the wall or on the nightstand. 1" deep with easel option and the preceeding text on the back of the frame.