Aromabotanical Candles - Available now in the USA


What is "aromabotanical"?

The word "aromabotanical" is a new and upcoming term that is used to describe scents that are extracted from plants. Using oils and extracts from plants helps ensure that the body and home are absorbing the most natural aromas. Aromabotanical also originates in Sydney, Australia, in which, Roux Brands is the first company to import these luxurious products into the U.S. 

Aromabotanical Candles and Their Benefits

Our 11 oz. Matte Ceramic Soy Two-wick Candle is soy, which makes it great for those with allergies and those who are eco-friendly, since there are no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants burning from it. Being made of soy, this type of candle also burns cooler, which makes it longer-lasting than a paraffin candle. These candles can actually burn for up to 48 hours straight! Our candles are also made with a ceramic holder, holding the soy wax. Unlike glass burning and creating black coloring, ceramic does not burn. The ceramic is also simple, yet stylistic and fits in with any decor. Not only does the make of the candle have benefits, but the ingredients that go into the candles do too. Since our candle comes in five scents, Raspberry Champagne, Mint French Lavender, Citrus White Linen, Pineapple Orange Blossom, and Vanilla Sweet Amber, our candles provide a variety of functions that target the body and home. Below are the scents and what they target through aromatherapy:

Raspberry Champagne- This scent is exhilarating, sensual, and purifying. It is used to heal depression, anxiety, and emotional imbalance. 

Mint French Lavender- This scent is calm and refreshing. It is used to get rid of nausea, headaches, and stress.

Citrus White Linen- This scent is bold, yet subtle. The mixture of these scents fights stress and anxiety, while helping with digestion and giving a clean, refreshing aroma. 

Pineapple Orange Blossom- This scent is delicious and energizing. It targets the mind by refreshing the brain, allowing easier flow of activity, in turn, helping one become more inspired and creative. 

Vanilla Sweet Amber- This scent is calming and sensual. It targets the nervous system and emotions by providing relaxation and sensuality.


Personal Experience

 Lighting the Mint French Lavender candle, I braced nervously for a too-strong smell I've smelled using similar scented candles. I just knew that I would be blowing the flame out within the hour because I would not be able to take the strong scents of mint and lavender or the fact that my allergies would be bothering me from the burning wax. What I was prepared for did not happen, though. The mint and lavender combination was not too strong, but rich and invigorating. My allergies were also never bothersome because of the soy. I let the candle burn while I walked out of the room for a bit. When I went back in, my senses were immediately calmed and my body felt at ease. I then, decided to stay in the same room and let the candle burn for hours to see how it affected me. Still, I was never overwhelmed by the scent, but stayed at ease. I also struggle with constant nausea from a medical condition and while burning this candle, I never felt nauseated at all! I found that the candle was great in any room and was perfect for when I was working or relaxing in the bath. This candle creates the relaxing ambiance I need. These aromabotanical candles are high quality and absolutely impeccable. Check them out in our Candles, Diffusers, Sachets collection to take part in the experience that I've had!


 -Morgan (SEO at Roux Brands)