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Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Feb 23rd 2016

Grilling with Roux


I'm planning to attend our baseball season opener, and, Brice, my wholesale warehouse manager and I have decided to test out some of Roux Stainless grilling for the tailgate. I'll take a few photos of the finished product, but for the moment I'm just thinking about what I will need to complete the fun. I've chosen to start with Grill Set Pro, our version of the ultimate grilling set, the Fleur-de-lis branding iron (which I know is going to draw some attention), and a few cutting boards to prep with. Let's get right into what I'm going to need. 

To take advantage of the large grill set, I'll need to serve shish kabobs. Grill Pro Gift Set comes with two very large skewers. I'll also need to check the out-of-the-box sharpness of the knife. Afterwards, you'll be able to pass these tidbits along to your customers. I'll also bring some chicken leg quarters to test the basting brush. I'm no chef, but I do like to dabble in the culinary. So here is my plan: 

I'm a real control freak when it comes to overcooked meat. So recently, while reading a food blog, I learned that the best way to get nicely cooked shish kabobs is to cook everything on separate skewer. In our case, I'll keep everything to one side of the Grill Set Pro's skewer so that I can control how much heat goes where and for how long. I'll try each piece out of the Grill Set Pro and let you know how it performed. 


Ok, so we went to the baseball game and have a few things to report:

1. The skewers performed very well. I thought the pvc may get sensitive around the heat but it was simply not the case. I was able to cook multiple skewers with no problem at all. 

2. The steak must be cooked before you brand, otherwise the cold meat temp draws too much heat before the stamp burns the meat. Also, I recommend heating the brand over an open gas grill flame. Drawing the heat from coals can be tricky. 

3. The knife was sharp enough to cut our meats and veggies right out of the box. Although it could use just a few strokes on the wet stone. 

4. I was not super impressed by the strength of the tongs. I was handling about a 12 oz. sirloin and in doing so I needed a firm grip. Smaller steaks and meats won't be a problem, but I recommend using the fork and the tongs to turn large cuts. 

5. I didn't cook chicken so I was unable to test the basting brush. The brush is a nice quality so I know it won't be an issue anyway. 

6. The cutting boards were perfect. I really liked the Acacia boards on the tailgate. It had a really cool look and feel. 

7. The small tub as a beer cooler performed even better than I thought it would. Granted, it was on the tailgate so I didn't add a liner, but believe it or not, I didn't see a drip of water coming from the bottom. 

Check out a few of the pictures I took. All in all it was a great time. The tool set zipped up perfectly at the end in an under 5 minute clean up. 


Grill Set