Too Hot Sauce Wholesale Dinnerware

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Jan 21st 2016

This Decor is Too Hot

For spring, the Roux Wholesale Dinnerware Collection is all about letters. Some literal and some vague, but the letters are speaking to something. This something is what the Roux Collection is all about. I’ll have to admit, Too Hot Sauce didn’t initially appeal to my Zen. There was something cheesy about it. But the more I continued to play with the idea, the more it began to grow on me. In the end, I think the name fits it perfectly.

I’ll start with detailing the inspiration behind this line. When I was working on our wholesale dinnerware with our sales team, everything seemed in place minus a little pizazz. The simple white dinnerware felt lonely. As the words Jambalaya and Etoufée began to sink in, the “spice” eventually came out. We were missing something. No collection of dinnerware could ever adequately portray the foods of the Gulf South without a little hot sauce to go with it. Of course, I knew whatever was calling to me had to be red. Take our “Too Hot” trivet for instance. I just love that thing. It captures the essence of a trivet. Much like our Jambalaya plate captures something about what a real jambalaya plate should be. Maybe I’m swimming in the deep end. But this is how I think.

So when I pieced together “Too Hot” and Hot Sauce, it all made sense. Too Hot Sauce was created partially because the items feature a signature red color, partly because the items are conceptually linked to the hot sauce of our cuisine, and mostly because sometimes it takes the literal to really make a concept click.

Pair this line with a red Kitchen-Aid mixer and you’ll begin to see why it just all makes sense.