Wholesale Gift Show - Biloxi

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Feb 11th 2016

Biloxi Wholesale Gift Show

We received an overwhelming response at the Spring 2016 Biloxi Wholesale Gift Show when we showcased our newest wholesale home decor products, and it was our busiest trade show yet. We brought only a select look with our newest products and gift; and there were very few moments when our booth was left empty. People gave us numerous positive responses. Some said, "You really have an eye," and others said, "That bag is only $12.50?" It was a ton of fun!

Selling wholesale products and gifts can be a tricky business, as customers are often picky. Its our responsibility to create desire in their life, to bring delightful things to their neighborhood. I sometimes battle with the consumerist nature of retail, but recently I've moved away from that philosophy. Just like people need nourishment, they also need delight in the things they love. They need to be able to exercise their right to choose the things that define their personal style, be it Fleur-de-Lis, Western, Coastal, or any number of decor styles.

This is where today's blog really kicks off: Offering a choice to your customer.

I can be a little power hungry sometimes, I want to give my customers a look that I know will sell. But I'm always reminded by my associates that people really do love to decide for themselves. Consider this: You're on your way to eat and you see two restaurants, both selling the same food. If there was only one restaurant, your inner question would be: "Do I want to eat here?" If there are two restaurants, your inner question transforms into, "Which restaurant do I want?"

Do you see the beauty in this? It's a lovely concept. 

Take Roux Traveler, our line of travel bags. It comes in two choices. Take Roux Stainless Grilling, again, two sets to choose from. Try buying both for your gift or home decor shop, you'll empower your buyer with a choice. I've tried to make the right options for you, now its up to you to try them out. You'll be amazed when you offer the selection. Its a bold concept that makes so much sense. 



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