The Spring 2017 Roux Collection

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Jan 6th 2017

Exciting, New Things Coming to Roux I have never been more excited to be at Roux Brands. We've come a long way in just a few short years. And in response to this amazing progress, we've decid … read more

A Message from Casey

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Nov 20th 2016

Great job this year! You guys have done an amazing job this year! You've really exceeded all of my expectations. I think this Christmas is going to be wonderful. You'll have amazing wholesale gif … read more
Chicken Etouffee

Chicken Etouffee

Posted by Justin Keowen on Aug 2nd 2016

Etouffee a Different Way...     Everyone has their own crawfish etouffee recipe. Everyone thinks theirs is the best. I am not going to say that they’re wrong, but instead offer an … read more

Party Down South

Jul 7th 2016

Did somebody say "party"? A party down south is a one of a kind party. It’s one full of hospitality, good cooking, cold beer, great people, and memorable times. The best parties happen by a … read more

Fourth of July Ultimate Cookout

Jul 3rd 2016

The Ultimate Cookout Fourth of July is a day of fun, sun, and celebration of the heritage of the USA. Most people are out grilling by the pool, or perhaps just a cookout at home with friend … read more