If you haven't done THIS.. are you really a Cajun?

Posted by Ashley Thompson on Sep 6th 2018

Is there a coupon code or what - I know that's what you're thinking.

Today's topic is all about GUMBO! Ugh, Roux Brands just can't get off this gumbo kick can they? NO WAY PRAY TELL.

So tell me, have you ever turned down the thermostat in the house so it's cold enough for Gumbo?.. if not please turn your Cajun Card in at the nearest trash can! 

And here's why. Gumbo is an awesome representation of the culture that defines what it means to be from the South. 

I don't like to tell anyone how to cook their gumbo but check this out, gumbo starts with a Roux (use butter and flour don't be lazy, cher!) and until you add the unique ingredients, that gumbo will taste like the underside of my nanny's dirty foot.

How much different are we? We are a melting pot of many things, the Haitians, the Africans, the Spanish, the Native Americans, the French, and the CAJUN French - yes, there's a difference. 

All of these wonderful and beautifully unique "ingredients" came into Louisiana and meshed into one singular group of people, identified by their geographic location but known for their delicious food, bad attitudes, and family reunions.. The South Louisiana Hot Mess Express 

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