A Message from Casey

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Nov 20th 2016

Great job this year!

You guys have done an amazing job this year! You've really exceeded all of my expectations. I think this Christmas is going to be wonderful. You'll have amazing wholesale gifts and decor that your customers won't see anywhere else. Indeed, much of what you find here has been designed right here in Port Allen. 

I've been relieved to see how well certain products did for you guys this year. You've reordered bath bombs time and again, and we've seen how "of the Marshlands" captures our collective essence. There is so much more that has to be done in order for us to continue seeing this type of success. Look at who we're up against - Walmarts, department stores, Amazon! This is daunting. Let's commit to producing the best wholesale decor that out performs these generic counterparts.

The dynamic in local retail has changed so much. So it is up to us, as a team, to work together to produce the best wholesale home decor in the Southeast. So you'll need to give us feedback! - - - How have things worked for you? How is it selling? Are you pleased with our direction? What do you need more of? Did you like the colors of Gumbo? 

Answers to these questions will help us continue to be exceptional. We need your help. 

Best, Casey