Developing the Roux Collection - Fall 2016

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on May 5th 2016

Continuing to Develop Roux

Developing the Roux Collection for Fall 2016 is a monumental task. But we are up to the challenge. While elements of development seem to be getting easier, our growth continues to add more volume to the task. I have several ideas in place for our Fall look, but I haven't decided exactly which one fits the bill best. Currently I'm deciding between something warm and heartfelt or something stark and exotic. 

Regardless of which direction I take, having recently returned from a long trip overseas, our contacts for amazing product have never been more robust. Expect to see a true variety of new things emanating from the Roux Catalog this Fall. 

So where is the inspiration coming from? 

I am currently producing another book for Roux Publishing with the help of academics at LSU. We really feel like we're on to something lovely. The concept takes us to a moment in history in which we can all relate. Regardless of race, color, religion or creed. This alone would suffice to provide us with the inspiration needed, but we've also been invited to participate in the celebration of New Orleans' 300th anniversary, to be held in 2018. 

Sometimes we forget exactly how old our cherished history is. New Orleans is almost without rival in United States when it comes to lengthy and diversified history. Perhaps thats why it ranks among the top most-visited cities in the United States behind Los Angeles and New York, only. 

Stay tuned as we unravel our boldest collection yet. Make sure you're signed up for our emails and get ready to delight your customers with a look that they can't resist. 


Casey Delmont Johnson

Here's how this turned out:


Cattaills are a central element in our fall 2016 collection. They’re an icon we’re all very familiar with. These flowering reeds cover vast proportions of the American South. They’re cherished icons of the bayous, marshes, and tributaries that make up the intricate network of waterways in the Gulf Region.

Historically, reeds like cattails have been used as measuring rods. They were abundantly available and easy to come by to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Their long stem and uniform height affirmed impromptu measurements of all kinds.

As we are measured by the success of our endeavors for this harvest season, we look to the cattail and the measuring spoon on our cover as reminders of the distinct story that lead us here. And they are some of our boldest designs yet. Each Creole-inspired measuring spoon, stopper and cheese knife bears our most significant historical icon – the fleur de lis. The symbol is reminiscent of the early Gulf explorers as the pioneered our coastal wetlands all bearing the Fleurs of the Royal French. I recall one particular historian that regularly asked, “Imagine what it was like dragging a canon to the battle of New Orleans through the marshlands surrounding the city. If the mere effort was not enough to exhaust them, then it was the alligators and snakes that picked them off one by one.”

Our measuring spoons paired with the effervescent idea of cattails are a constant reminder of the history of our ancestors for years to come. They’ll bring delight to us for a moment and spell out our history for much longer than that.

Just a few years ago, Roux Brands was writing the first chapters in its story. Then, it all began with a roux. It was the obvious first choice for us as we set our aim toward gumbo. But when the success of our bowl validated the narrative, it just all made sense.

Now, we face more difficult challenges. Our challenges are no longer superficial, they are deep queries that beg whether or not we will actually weigh in. We’re confronted with a customer that demands we offer great prices and amazing products that continue to do well in their gift shop, store, and boutique. They demand high performing products that define who we are as a people, and they’re not too savvy on allowing us a lot of room to make up any slack.

As I pondered what the next few months would be like, I created a new campaign to capitalize on our efforts. I’m certain it is the right direction for our company. And as we have spent much time and effort in securing a look that is so boldly you. We also have to make the service we provide about you as well. This new campaign, a customer service driven perspective on business, is called Roux and You. It is the next chapter of our developing story. And in it we find a new character which just so happens to be – you.

As we learn and explore in the elegance of this cherished Gulf Country once again, demand from us superior service and design that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Look to our newest products for our most audacious inspirations. And as we hold on to our dream of being the best we can possibly be, join us - with stars as the limit.