Drinks by the Pool

Jun 22nd 2016

Drink Recipes Paired with Roux Glassware

With the heat rising, getting near or in the water is an absolute necessity! Keeping cool by swimming in a pool, or the beach if you’re lucky, is the best way to go. So we’re here to share some of our favorite recipes for poolside cocktails in some of our new glassware.

Drinks by the Pool

For a fruity, tropical vibe we love Paradise Punch. Featured in our “Nauti” stemless wine glass the mix of pineapple and coconut and the sea green color of the drink paired with our nautical glassware will make you feel like you're relaxing by the ocean.

Paradise Punch:

1 Cup of pineapple juice

2 Shots of Coconut Rum

1 Shot of Blue Curacao (or more depending on desired color)

Shake and Enjoy!

Now, for a more traditional route, the Bloody Mary is our favorite! What we love about the Bloody Mary is how varied it can be depending on tastes. We like ours a bit spicier but it’s totally subjective. We spiced ours up in the etched fleur-de-lis highball glass and garnished with tasty extras!

Bloody Mary:

1 Cup of Zing Zang

2 Shots of Vodka

Pinch (or two) of Tony Chachere's

Dash of hot sauce

Splash of Olive Juice

Shake, Garnish with Olives, Spicy Green Beans, and Celery, Enjoy!