Fourth of July Ultimate Cookout

Jul 3rd 2016

The Ultimate Cookout

Fourth of July is a day of fun, sun, and celebration of the heritage of the USA. Most people are out grilling by the pool, or perhaps just a cookout at home with friends and family. Either way it’s a day typically marked by good food, good friends, and good times. Here at Roux Brands we wanted to share some of our favorite products for hosting the ultimate Fourth of July cookout.

Now, it’s not the Fourth unless there’s something on the grill. Maybe some hamburgers, steaks, or sausage but that’s nothing without the grilling essentials. The  Grill Set Pro is our favorite. Along with our Too Hot apron, the grill set will have your grill fired up and mastered in no time!

For drinks we love the  Fleur-de-Lis party tub (and planter!). You can fill it up with ice to keep beer, sodas, and waters cold while you enjoy your day outside! Don’t forget the  Satin Finished Bottle Opener to have handy for the pry off caps.

We’ve got you covered for a great cookout, all you’ll need is the friends and family for a good time! If there are any other cookout essentials you think we missed share it with us on our  Facebook page