Fresh Take with Floral Foam

Posted by Michelle on Apr 8th 2016

Fresh Take with Floral Foam

I worked for a florist while in high school, so floral foam is something I’m rather familiar with. So when Casey said he wanted to try something new with our products we immediately got to work.

We spent the day getting back in touch with our florist roots to create fresh looks with some of our more popular items. It was a fun afternoon creating all of these. And it was super convenient having the floral foam in house to bring these creations to life.

My favorite were the arrangements in the Gumbo bowls, which you can find here in our  Gumbo page. I would love to have one of these in my kitchen to fill the place up with the scent of fresh flowers. I also thought it would make an awesome gift, to give someone a set of the bowls and have one filled with a floral arrangement. I know I’d love a gift like that.

Casey also did an arrangement atop the Amazing Grace floral tapestry. It was gorgeous. The flowers really brought out the background of the tapestry. It would be a beautiful arrangement to have made for a funeral.

I love fresh flowers and having the wet floral foam keeps these flowers fresh for a while, but what is even better is that you can dry out the flowers and keep the foam to recreate the arrangement with dried flowers, or simply make a new one.