Party Down South

Jul 7th 2016

Did somebody say "party"?

A party down south is a one of a kind party. It’s one full of hospitality, good cooking, cold beer, great people, and memorable times.

The best parties happen by a pool, river, or even in someone’s backyard, but they all begin with one thing: good food. While you’ve got some meat grilling, or some seafood boiling, it’s great to have snacks while you wait. The  Chip in Dip Mexican Hat is perfect for setting out some chips and salsa, or veggies and dip, or anything you want!

The drinks are the second most important. If you’re icing down a beer for the cold crisp taste, the  Fleur-de-Lis Party Tub is great for sticking beers in. And for the cocktails there is the  Fleur-de-Lis High Ball Etched Tea Glass!

Once you have these two elements you’re on your way to having a great party down south! Let the music play, food and drink flow, and the good times roll!