Roux and You

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Jun 1st 2016

We want to know about YOU

Its about time we brought you into this picture. We've gone on and on about us. But it really isn't about us. It's about you. 

Roux & You is a new campaign geared towards finding out all about you. We want to be personal with you once more. To seek out your interests and opinions. In this campaign we will "swamp" you with tidbits about yourself. We want to remind you that it really is about you. We want to remind you why this profession is still fun. We want to find out why you got into the business. We want to discover what you sell best. We want to know what your customer is like. In Roux and You we want to hear both horrifying and charming stories about customer service. We want to know who your best employee is. We want to know how old you are. We want to know when you sell best. We want to know when you don't want us to talk to you. All in all - we want to know you. 

This has to be worth doing. And you are certainly worth it. You are our customer. We'll make it fun and interactive. You can fill in the blanks. Roux and You is the next chapter in an already charming Gulfside story. In the third chapter, we find a new character and it just so happens to be you.