Soaptheory (tm) Launch

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Oct 25th 2017

Soaptheory has just launched, but it's creators are already planning an experiment bigger than before. Soaptheory is dedicated to personal discovery, when it's just you. Alone in the bath, we're capturing the esthetic of personality in a magical experience that transforms.

It took me years to find a resonance in cosmetics that felt original. But in Soaptheory we've captured something. Charmed by vibes of Apothecary, Personality Profiling and Magic we created a bath products line that stands out in a market filled with cupcakes and ice cream and the bore of the mundane. 

And Soaptheory has just begun. I'm anxious to interpret these products into the future. To find the most creative esthetics for a creative generation that adores pampering themselves in the bath - that's what we'll do. As people, we've evolved into creatures dedicated to experiential cosmetics that resonate with the allure of our own personality. Our theory has it covered. 

In the Fall of 2017, we launched a limited release of Soaptheory products in order to test our philosophy on a growing market. But our products evolved faster than we could. In the natural process of the bath, we felt that premium products and luxurious scents will be what distinguishes our line beyond the fad. And that's why we're planning a Spring 2018 that dazzles. 

We're introducing and expanded Soaptheory product line that moves our philosophy forward. Our ingredients will grown into nuanced additives that speak to a unique, homeopathic energy in our generation. Our essences will delve into powerful chords that strike the sense and our creativity in color and name will expand the realm of our bath products beyond the competition - continuously. 

I hope you enjoy Soaptheory as much as I have enjoyed creating it. And as we grow in our exploration of the Soaptheory You. We know you will too. 

Beyond Soap - Soaptheory,