The El Salvadoran Vision

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on May 18th 2016

The El Salvadoran Vision

I've only been in El Salvador for a day and in this short period of time the country has impressed me. The people are much different from those in Asia. They have the same hardworking spirit as Asians, but there is a connection to the United States that seems lost on the other side of the world. Here, they truly are our neighbors. In this, I see a responsibility that I hadn't picked up on in my travels to China, Hong Kong and Japan. Here I want to make a difference because it is something that we simply must do. They're our neighbors! 

As the Roux Collection continues to grow into its own, I am confronted with choices in direction. Do we continue to pound the ground with our cousins across the globe or do we take the less traveled path to Central America? I find that going it alone there could bring us closer to our purest mission. That is the mission that stands beyond mere profits and closer to the sharing of our passions. 

My first day in the country I met Lula Mena. She is one of El Salvador's most prominent designers. She is passionate about creating jobs where the country needs it most. She is committed to conscious design that takes advantage of the things other people remain too uncreative to utilize. She is passionate about everything she does. I was honored to meet her, even just for a few minutes. We discussed a line of products that would make sense in partnership with Roux Brands. I'm excited to see where it goes. 

As Etsy and Pinterest grow, I think they point us in a critical new direction. Instead of piling consumable products in the direction of large companies with bad work policies, why shouldn't we micro source? When we work together to accomplish our goals we can synergize our energies into something that transcends traditional design. I'm exctied to begin working in this region helping to develop communities that produce products that earn an honest wage and create delight in the customer. I'm excited to be a part of this burgeoning economy and I can't wait to see where it can go.