The Spring Story

Jan 1st 2015

The Spring Story

The Story

There really must be a story. In this one, the second chapter is better than the first.

Finding pieces to the story is easy; the letters are all around us. It takes creativity to put them together. For 2016, we’ve done just that. In the Roux Collection you’ll find bits and pieces of letters. Some are literal, some more transparent, but each one is as important as the other. 

These things are meant to generate feeling. In ceramics we’ve established a new precedent for old favorites. The embossing and simple rendering bring our food in-to the dinnerware. What a charming twist on something so basic. The challenge: eating cereal from the gumbo bowl or being brave enough to serve spaghetti on the Jambalaya plate. Remember, it’s all in the story. The plate didn’t capture the food, the food got the plate. Who are you to tell Jambalaya what to do?

Last year, the success of our jewelry line brought new interest for me as designer. I pieced together different collections, but one spoke to my heart. You don’t have to try hard to love crochet. I guess it’s a Victorian thing - of course, I adore it. Additionally, the ropes, tassels, and milky jewels have a look that I couldn’t resist. In Soirée you’ll find all the reason you need to make an event of it. It’s a bold collection of jewelry with a fresh Roux look.

Roux Brands is evolving. I hope it continues to express the charm and grace of the Gulf South for a long time, but I’m even more excited to pioneer new frontiers. In a time where there is so much “other” out there, the Roux Collection is a piece of us. A letter you could say - to us, from us. And we should all have one of each.

No one person can take all the credit; I’ve had a lot of help. We’re chasing a dream on faith, with grace, in luck, holding on to hope and love.

I hope this line of products blesses you the same way it continues to bless me.