Trouble With Login

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Jan 26th 2016

Login Trouble?

We really love our new website. However, we understand getting to know the interface can be a pain. Here is a step by step guide to getting logged in properly. 

1. Determine if you have an online account. To do this, you should try resetting your password. If you never get an email from us, then you can safely assume that you do not have an online account. If you do get reset instructions, then reset and login. If you can't view pricing at that time, please send an email to letting us know you cannot view pricing (you can also call us at 1-866-424-7955). At that time we will verify your resale certificate and move you to tax exempt status. If you have never sent in a resale cert., then go ahead and email us a copy. You can also text it to (225) 3282208.

2. Create an online account. In the top right corner of our homepage you'll see a menu icon. Click it. Here you can either "login" or "create an account." When you create an account, you send us a form with your information. You cannot view wholesale pricing until we manually move you to wholesale status. To make this process seamless, please email us a copy of your resale certificate at You can also text it to (225) 3282208. Once we receive your resale certificate, we will move your account to tax exempt status, then you will be able to login and view pricing. 

Simply creating a wholesale account doesn't permit you to view pricing. You have to be manually moved to wholesale. If you understand this, then it's easy to see where in the process you stand. 

Don't assume you are logged in. Go ahead and return to the menu icon in the top right corner of the page, and click "login." Proceed with your credentials then move to the homepage to shop. Sometimes browsers will time-out of login creds just to keep your account safe. 

If you can't get it to work, please just call. We love speaking with you. We can take your order over the phone in a few minutes. 1-866-424-7955