Wholesale Jewelry - Roux Soiree

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Jan 28th 2016

Roux Jewelry

What a sassy name for a jewelry collection. Roux Soiree gives you all the reason you need to make an event of it. 

The bold look of soiree and its hand crocheted elements make it an elegant addition to any wardrobe. The main lines of Soiree come in three distinct colors: Fit for the nightlife - a bold black and gold, day lit and dreamy - a fabulous collection of beige and cream, odd and eclectic- a milky amethyst line. 

While we love our dark blacks and vibrant purples, I really stocked up on the beige. Its right on time for spring. I can see soiree on the beach, over the deck, and into the nightlife. You shouldn't miss your opportunity to modernize your jewelry collection with this bright new look from Roux Brands, leader in wholesale jewelry, decor and gifts! 

Check out some of my favorite styles in beige below. You'll have to see these in person to really appreciate the quality and value. Try out a few pieces. We guarantee you'll love them!