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Carville Decorative Wooden Board - Shrimp Boat

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11.00″h × 7.00″w × 0.70″d - 0.75 LBS

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Carville Decorative Wooden Board - Shrimp Boat

7.00″W × 11.00″H × 0.70″D

Rustic, coarse, but elegant in the water with nets lowered. In the mornings, these fishermen make their way into the waters of the coast from Corpus Christy to Pensacola. We wish these were as useful as they look, but they’re not. These decorative cutting boards look wonderful in a kitchen space stacked in a neat cluster, or leaning on the counterspaces. Paired with a decorative hand towel of the same collection, Carville resonates with each of us as a unique cultural gift for any occasion.