Chili Bowl - Soups of America™ - Patriotic Red (pack of 2) - 16oz.

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3.00″h × 7.00″w × 3.00″d - 2.65 LBS

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Chili Bowl - Soups of America™ - Patriotic Red (pack of 2) - 16oz.

7.00″W × 3.00″H × 3.00″D

Find any list of America's favorite foods and you'll find chili on it. In fact, during the last forty years there have been several bills introduced in Congress to name chili the national food of America. An Oklahoma congressman's bill noted that chili "is an indigenous American cuisine that was created, refined, and approaches perfection only in the United States." The bill goes on to state that chili "embraces the highly individualistic traits of America's heritage through its infinite varieties, highly personalized blending of ingredients, and many adaptive uses."

This item includes:

  • Two red chili bowls embossed with "chili"
  • Holds over 16oz.
  • A convenient handle and footed bottom 
  • Superior gift packaging in the Soups of America™ brand 
  • Matches other SOA™ products including Chowder and Gumbo 
  • Pair with chili spoons and a chili cookbook for the ultimate gift

You will often hear chili referred to as Mexican food. The truth is that it isn't. About the only place you'll find chili in Mexico is in tourist restaurants. In fact, the 1959 Diccionario de Mejicanismos defines chili con carne as "detestable food passing itself off as Mexican, sold in the U.S. from Texas to New York. But let's not argue about chili; let's just make it and serve it in style with these casual little bowls, these chili pepper stainless steel spoons, and this fact-filled staple cookbook Chili: From Mild to Wild


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