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Chowder Bowl - Soups of America™ - Patriotic Blue (pack of 2) 16oz.

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6.00″h × 7.00″w × 5.00″d - 4.00 LBS

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Chowder Bowl - Soups of America™ - Patriotic Blue (pack of 2) 16oz.

7.00″W × 6.00″H × 5.00″D

There are so many different types of chowder cooked across the US, but clam chowder is still the best known. Most chowders do include seafood, salted pork, potatoes and onions. The biggest difference in the regional chowders is in the liquid. As you travel you'll find thick and creamy dairy based chowders, thinner tomato based ones and some clear clam based broths. Each of these, however, make their home in a casual and fun chowder bowl that resonates family and Americana. Try these bowls as gifts for weddings or for yourself and that special other on a cool evening for a cooking experience that comes with it's own dish. 

  • Comes in white and blue
  • Footed and handled
  • Holds 16 oz. 
  • Gift packaged
  • Check out the matching cookbook and hand towel

Chowder was developed from necessity during the revolutionary war. Washington's quartermasters used clams, indigenous to the many northern waterways of New England, as a protein staple in their everyday rations. After the cooks added potatoes and a hearty broth, chowder was born into America for perpetuity. This is why chowder is hailed as one of our branded Soups of America™. Buy these bowls with our casual cookbook Chowder: From Doing to Done and throw in this lovely hand towel for an All-American gift that speaks to the heart.