Design To Shelf-Gumbo Bowl

Gumbo, the quintessential melting pot, is a Southern tradition and quite possibly one of the few truly indigenous American fares. It is an elegant dish that permits endless variation. Yet some aspects of the dish are completely obstinate. When Roux Brands elected to pursue the legacy of Gumbo bowl design, we knew “the recipe” permitted pizazz, but never felt so at home as to recreate the classic bowl without adhering to the standards by which the dish is measured. Our designers took creative charge while maintaining a truth to Gumbo that should never be left out. 

You’ll find that the Roux Brand’s gumbo bowl is quite simple. The glory, however, is in the details. Gumbo has its origins as a casual dish, so it’s fitting for the bowl to have a handle although traditional varieties have two. We chose a solitary handle that mimicked a mug without sacrificing capacity. We did this in order to over-emphasize the casual nature of the dish. It was exactly what our buyers wanted.

Don’t be fooled by the look of the bowl. It holds a whopping portion. This, being a true-to-gumbo feature was an absolute must. Any good Gumbo contains a variety of chicken carcasses, crab bodies, and large Gulf shrimp. A traditional dinner bowl might not hold these ingredients gracefully, but the Roux Gumbo bowl does exactly that. 

Not many bowls get their own title, either. So we opted to add a foot and put the dish on it's own pedestal. What evidence to the overwhelming prevalence of this classic dish? Gumbo is a truly unique foodstuff with a charming history and the Roux Brands Gumbo bowl its fashionable epitome. It's possible that one day our bowl will be eclipsed by an even savvier design (which is all part of the fun), but until that day our bowl holds the trophy. It truly is, “the Perfect Gumbo bowl.”