Developing the Roux Collection - Fall 2016

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on May 5th 2016

Continuing to Develop Roux Developing the Roux Collection for Fall 2016 is a monumental task. But we are up to the challenge. While elements of development seem to be getting easier, our growth co … read more

Fresh Take with Floral Foam

Posted by Michelle on Apr 8th 2016

Fresh Take with Floral Foam I worked for a florist while in high school, so floral foam is something I’m rather familiar with. So when Casey said he wanted to try something new with our produc … read more

Floral Tapestry

Apr 8th 2016

Floral Tapesty I was talking to a friend of mine the other evening about the film, and book, The Fault in Our Stars . For those of you who do not know, it is about two teens that meet and … read more

Customer Service

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Mar 19th 2016

What Customer Service Should Be and Why it's Important to Roux In driving to work this morning there seemed to be just one central concern twirling around inside my head - customer service. We've … read more

Roux Grilling - Wholesale Gifts

Posted by Casey Delmont Johnson on Feb 23rd 2016

Grilling with Roux PRE-GRILL: I'm planning to attend our baseball season opener, and, Brice, my wholesale warehouse manager and I have decided to test out some of Roux Stainless grilling for the … read more