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Hidden in Plain Sight - Discovering the Fleur de Lis


The fleur de lis transferred well into a craze for cast iron that began in the Victorian Age when the Baroness Pontalba built chic apartment complexes modeled after the latest Parisian styles on the Place de Armes. As part of a master plan to "reinvigorate" the Creole Quarter where she had grown up, she also helped raise the funds to landscape the park leading to the Cathedral from the river and placed the iconic statue of Andrew Jackson before it. Today fleur-like  symbols are found in the antique fences and gates that help define the boundaries of the region.

The fleur is so common in the Gulf South today that it is literally "hidden in plain sight.We eat pastries decorated with the design and drink cocktails named after it.Take a look around you next time you're in New Orleans. You can order a fleur de lis gumbo, drink a fleru de lis cocktail, listen to jazz that is named for the flower and decorate your home in fleur de lis prints and patterns.