Infinity, I am



Learn more about the art that inspired this story. 

What is it?

Each of experience our own being differently. It often manifests itself as a form of spirituality. For some, we're compelled to create ourselves in the likeness of our ancestors, a wonderful way to honor tradition. For others, we create new understandings of ourselves daily. In interpreting the truth of our existence and our place within the world, we come closer to the reason behind it all.

Since we can't really know anything for certain, because we believe in so many possibilities, we recede into pure feeling to find inside ourselves the reality of something that goes so much deeper. Its an compulsion that leads us to quantify signs, symbols and coincidences as a divine language.

It's easy to give up on faith because reason is such a powerful motivator. But when our understanding is flipped upside down, we're forced to go beyond conventional belief. A paradox of understanding, a strong conviction of love, Infinity is a force we must know, because it exists in us as it does in all living things. 


The Poetry

When we're compelled by conviction, our hearts pour out words, art, drawings, ideas, and tears. In these epiphanies, artists reach out their spirit to touch the divine. Almost always do they claim to know or have found a new understanding of something that must needs be conveyed dimly, through a lens that must be interpreted. Much like a foreign language, art bears signs and symbols of a greater concept that speaks directly to the soul. Having written dozens of poems, haiku, short stories and essays on the reality of what he was beginning to fully understand, Designer Casey Delmont Johnson reached beyond belief into the bold unknown of faith. His boldest poems found subjects like infinity, paradoxes and metamorphosis. In the writings he experienced the Socratic Paradox years before he'd ever studied philosophy. In others he claimed to know what he could feel. He boldly named love as the foundation of the human experience and thus the center of the Infinity, I am concept. 


Understanding It

We believe the meaning of life is for people to be happy. We know that sometimes what seems like may make people happy is actually the substance of their own disappointment. So we're sharing our outline for success. We've come to know happiness through the story of Christ and his teachings. And we see this story spread throughout nature, too. We must love, to grow into the future. No longer will the simplistic causalities of the past sustain our movement, we must have faith in order to hope for a better tomorrow.  

Infinity still limits the concept of God, but it comes as close as any other word can to describing pure magnitude. It is also closer than other words to something both Christians and non-Christians can relate to as the same force. It serves as a reminder that science and religion are not as juxtaposed as some would have us believe. Instead, we see nature as the example of our faith. From rain to stars to metamorphosis and living sacrifices to black holes, virgin births and paradoxes, matter and wave we're only just now beginning to understand what we thought we knew.

We hope you're as inspired by this collection as we are and we entice you to find the laws of the stars written on your own heart. The sun, the moon, the ocean and the sea all have limits, but the heart of a changed man or woman is as free as a butterfly. Let a new beginning rise up in you. 



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