The fleur-de-lis stands challenged. There is no French king to claim its power. No longer do Knights Templar champion it. What remains of the symbol is just an echo of something long since passed. It has withered to almost nothingness. Yet a few of us still grasp for it. We love the fleur for its beauty and for its majesty. We love it for its elegance and grace. It finds a special place in our homes and in our hearts. The fleur casts a spell, an enchantment, over those who still perceive it. But for many, giving it no thought at all, the symbol remains in the dark, unnoticed - hidden in plain sight. Remaking the fleur-de-lis is a daunting task, but also a necessary one. I proceed with caution. This is a revelation of hope, resilience and unity, for all the world to see.                                                              

The fleur-de-lis must find a new meaning, a new presence in the world. To do so, it needs champions. Who am I to stand up for the cause?  Perhaps, more than anyone else on Earth, I have perceived its spell. I’ve allowed it to enchant me one fleur at a time. For hours I’ve studied its proportions, for years I’ve sought it’s mystery. Sometimes I found myself unwittingly desperate to promote its relevance in a generation where the power of symbols remains out of style and the rule of science prevails. But the fleur hasn’t failed me yet, and I know it never will.

This endeavor hasn’t been easy, it required great leaps of faith. I was forced to go beyond conventional belief. I had to move forward on a feeling. Imagining myself with the fleur thousands of years ago, I struck a sacred chord. I found a remnant that has long, since the days of kings, been lost and is now, in humble people, found. To begin to understand the fleur de lis you must, first, go back.





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