Terms of Service & Policies

Terms of Service & Other Information
Shipping is 12% of the order total. We refund or store credit the same percentage when items are missing or damaged. 

We do not allow pickups. 

We do not accept orders under $200 over email or on the phone. The cost to process these orders is too high. 

At tradeshows, we hate having to ask for credit cards, but we do need payment. You delay your order when you don’t give us a card. Sometimes it takes us hours to track down the owner or associate with a credit card. Moving forward, we require a card holder‘s cell phone number. This is mandatory. If we don’t have this, we required credit card numbers at the show or any other time that we take a manual order not over the web. If we don’t have either, you’ll force us to charge a $10 processing fee to cover the extra costs in tracking you down! 

Substitutions: We make reasonable substitutions on product assortments. WIthout this, your order is delayed. Experienced administrators at Durand Delmont usually make these decisions. If the substitutions are not proper or thoughtful we will issue credit. If they are, by our judgement, we will ask you to keep the merchandise or otherwise your customer performance score will decrease and we may be forced to place you in a slightly higher customer discount group because you have a standard that is higher than our average customer. 

Store Credits: We always issue store credits below $75. We don’t like to refund cards because of the extra labor and accounting involved. We will accept your requests and make decisions on an order-level basis. We know this favors us. It keeps our costs down and your prices low.  

Kindness: We expect teamwork between us and our retailers. We really do need to work together. If your account becomes difficult to manage, we will place you in another (higher-level-demand) customer group. You’ll receive a smaller discount on our products, but we will be more diligent in handling your account to your higher standard. 

Returns: We guarantee our products and your satisfaction. We often pay for return labels, offer discounts on wrong products sent and we also forfeit product to your advantage. If we notice that your claims exceed our average substantially we will place you in another customer group, with less wholesale discount. 

Contact: We’ve been hard to reach, but our customers are not following our template for contact. We’ve reworked this. Now, moving forward, you must send an email to with your issues, shortages, damages and requests. You may also send a text to 225-588-4505 to speed up the processing, but you will always need to include an email. Please put a value expectation on your request. We appreciate this. It helps in processing and it helps understand what you want from us. Example includes “Please issue a credit of $45 for the damaged frames.”

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