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THE WORLD FLEUR: The World Fleur is centered, a symbol of humanity and represents the most sublime version of the Fleur de lis. It is also the most iconic. World Fleurs are traditional, yet driven to action. This version of the Fleur is rivaled only by the Bourbon Fleur which seeks to undermine the innocent roots of this old, Earthen symbol. Its depicted as a loose gathering of stems, leaves or blooms. As a symbol of mourning and sympathy, the world fleur has stood along mankind for ages. This type finds a truth in the transience of life and is a steward of all things good.


EGYPTIAN FLEUR: For these artists and exotics, people who cling to sacredness and solemnity, the unification flower represents a spiritual unification that transcends the simple notions of a mere flower. These creatives and moderns push beyond the status quo and are almost always unique in some special way. The Egyptian fleur de lis finds its historical meaning in the unification of the Egypt. Represented by a papyrus fan, Lower Egypt was strong and mighty. When the lotus bloom of Upper Egypt came together with this, the combined symbol represented a unified kingdom. The Egyptian jewelry clasp found in the center of the dual flower secured this meaning.


THE AMERICAN FLEUR: This Fleur type is patriotic and committed, curious and explorative. People that relate to this symbol find meaning in the beauty of people and often push themselves harder than most to achieve their goals.The American Fleur is a symbol of Westernization. The religious and monarchical roots of the symbol placed it on the ships and shields of Early American explorers. The American fleur is the most mysterious in that it can mean something different to everyone. This fleur is the legacy of all those who came before us.

flor66.jpgThe Florentian Fleur de lis is decadent and artistic. This fleur de lis is a beacon for all free market capitalists and art sponsors.The Florentian fleur de lis represents the entrepreneur. Of all the fleur types it's the only one to include symbolic flower stamens. As a human symbol, the Florentian fleur represents success and drive. Held as the icon of the powerful Medici's of Florence, this symbol heralded the decadence of the enlightment.


THE ASTRAL FLEUR: This Fleur is the most Utopian and wishful of all the fleur types. It projects the idea of a symbol for all mankind to new heights of the imagination. Fleurs of the stars find meaning in deep thinking and honorable expectations of the human race. This idea of the Fleur de lis is a grand projection of the human spirit. For many throughout history the symbol represented a magical aspiration that projected to the stars. They even postulated that fleurs found in Central America untied the world in an alternative history, possibly even a foreign one.

bourb1.jpgThe Bourbon Fleur creates its own authority through magical origin stories. People that relate to this symbol are imperialists and purists. These types glow with authority. This fleur represents a powerful monarchy that ruled large portions of Europe for a long time. This fleur type seeks out a decadent ritualistic approach to the fleur in order to secure real power and historical significance, dreamers and dictators fit nicely here.

creol6.jpgThe Creole Fleur, or the Fleur of the Marshlands, is especially unique. With a strong history of resurgence and powerful connotations of resilience, this fleur de lis is an anthem of recovery and unity. Many who claim this fleur as their kind are people who've overcome strong adversity in order to be who they are today. It was tough surviving in the marshy Mississippi Delta three centuries ago, but survive they did. It and these people emerged, literally, from the swamps and bayous of the Gulf South to make a lasting imprint on the world.

mortal.jpgTHE MORTAL FLEUR: A deep manneristic type, both dramatic and comical, Mortal Fleurs represent the strong skepticism and mystery found throughout fleur de lis history. Perpetually tied to bee keeper symbolism, these few people cherish fostering the hive of the many. In each time and place the fleur de lis took on unique meanings, but for the Mortal Fleurs only a subtle remnant of the symbol remains today that ties this iconography to its vague history. For lovers of Mardi Gras, this fleur de lis represents the last living version of the fleur. It survives only now within the Grand Courts and Krewes by remaining tied to the pomp and circumstance, which is regal cultural power.

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