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The Fleur de Lis Today


The fleur is everywhere. It has many meanings. Some believe it retains power. Others believe it is a primary archetypical symbol. Some believe the fleur is one of the most sacred symbols in the world.

If every society from the dawn of man has used one iteration of the symbol in one way or another, you know that its meanings are deep. says one of Louisianas most famous psychics.

Perhaps that is why the fleur is used by so many businesses and restaurants as part of their iconography.  Today, in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast, youll find the fleur on the sides of trucks, on neon signs, painted on wood in rural markets, in corporate logos, and in the names of thousands of businesses.  The symbol has been adopted as a source of pride, and perhaps, luck for those who place it on the doors of their establishments or use it as their public face.

Not long ago, the NFL tried to claim that the use of the fleur de lis violated established trademarks.  One of the worlds most powerful organizations felt it owned all rights to the symbol. You can only imagine how that went over in South Louisiana. They say were a laid-back group, but just try and take our fleur from us. Not gonna happen. Never. Needless to say, the NFL quickly backed down.

The fleur had won the day again.