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Founded in Port Allen, Louisiana, Roux Brands has been fully entrenched in fleur-de-lis history.  Inspiration for the Roux Collection has been drawn from the Gulf South, and naturally the fleur has been featured on numerous aspects of our designs.  We have a variety of fleur-de-lis wholesale home décor to fit every style.

To keep in touch with southern roots, the Roux Collection features designs that speak collectively to the charm of the Gulf South, and prominently the fleur-de-lis. One of the most enduring symbols in history, the fleur has been seen on many designs all over the world. Our designers work to reinvent the fleur to appeal to your buyers, while keeping the designs fresh and new.  We’ve put the fleur-de-lis on pillows, towels, glassware, we even wrote a book on it! We want your customers to love our fleur-de-lis wholesale home decor items as much as we do.

Not only will your buyers love us, but we hope you will too.  Here at Roux, we want working with us to be an enjoyable experience.  From our customer service team who is always here to answer any comments or concerns with a friendly smile, to our warehouse team who gets your items shipped to you as quickly as possible for immediate availability in your shop, we your Roux experience to be a positive one.  To ensure you with items you and your customers will love we have an all-encompassing design and creation process. From the first sparks of creation we are doing market research to guarantee the demand for the designs. Our design team then tests materials to provide you with the best quality materials for the most competitive pricing. If we notice a trend, we are not afraid to go after it and are constantly updating our products to keep your inventory fresh with new items along with the older ones. Roux is reinventing fleur-de-lis wholesale home decor so your customers want to keep buying the enduring symbol. 

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