Wholesale Floral Foam

Located in Port Allen, Louisiana, Roux Brands strives to be the premier local wholesaler for all of your home decor needs. We want provide you with everything your customers need to make their home special. 

When making a floral arrangement for a home or for a gift it is easy to forget one of the biggest necessities – floral foam. Which is why we offer wholesale floral foam. It is the base of any arrangement.  Our floral foam is versatile enough to be used in silk arrangements and fresh flower arrangements. Instead of having both, it is easier to have one that can do both. You can create new looks with our floral foam by putting fresh floral arrangements in our gumbo bowls for a fresh take or pairing a floral arrangement with our floral tapestries to celebrate the life of a passed loved one. 

Here at Roux Brands we want working with us to be a positive experience. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.  Our creative team is always working on fresh designs for your consumers. Extensive market research keeps us on top of the game, with quality products you and your buyers will love. Our warehouse team gets your orders shipped to you as soon as possible for immediate display in your store.

Choosing to work with Roux Brands is an easy decision. We’re always on hand to answer any comments or concerns by web or phone.  We want you and your customers have everything thing they need to create something special.