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Roux Brands is the premier wholesale gifts retailer for your needs. Choosing the perfect gift for someone is not an easy task, but with our selection of wholesale gifts we strive to make it easier for your customers to find something they love.

Based in Port Allen, Louisiana, Roux Brands is a local wholesaler.  We aim to embody the grace and charm of the Gulf South in both company policy and our products creation. And with that they are designed with a love for our heritage.

Working with Roux is an easy experience. To provide your customers with the best wholesale gifts we do extensive research to make sure it’s something they’ll love. We find out what works so you don’t have to. To provide the best quality product, we test different materials to ensure we have the highest quality for the lowest possible price. Our market research allows us to discover which designs work and which don’t so we can provide your store with a bestseller and your customers with a gift they’ll love. Our warehouse team works to get your products to you so they are immediately available in your shop. If there are any questions or concerns our customer service team is available online or by phone for support. We want you and your customers to love Roux and our products.

Gift giving is a very personal experience. Your buyers want to give something meaningful and that is where our designs target. The Roux Collection is our locally grown and designed product line. Our director and chief designer, Casey Johnson created the Roux Collection to bring a piece of home to our products, stating, “In a time where there is so much ‘other’ out there, the Roux Collection is a piece of us.” Our wholesale gifts are designed to be meaningful for your buyers so they love our products as much as we do. 

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