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If you missed us in the spring , you’re not alone. We missed you. As of fall 2018, we’ve expanded into over 2500 stores nationwide and we’ve gained valuable expertise in home décor that is reaching a much larger set of Americans.

As we’ve expanded, we’ve also grown in the categories of product that we offer. For fall 2018, we’re moving into new home categories like throw blankets, with our own designer patterns, dynamic ranges of cosmetics and bath products, like Soaptheory®, and jewelry touched in every detail, called Lost HeavenTM. We’ve also grown our dinnerware and cookware ranges substantially and moved these products into a serious new brand entitled Soups of America™. In gumbo, chowder and chili you’ll find all the reason you need to celebrate the red, white, and blue – year-round.

In addition to the categories above, we’ve grown our wall décor looks with several new styles of canvas art. We pinged artist Morgan Molthrop to do some amazing almost-abstract commissioned map-paintings and a new book entitled “300 Reasons to Love New Orleans,” another celebration piece for the birthday of this great American city. I designed one notable print which I’ve entitled Oyster FlowerTM. You’ll notice it’s elegant appeal in the canvas art category. I plan to grow Oyster Flower into a serious dinnerware and serveware look for denizens of the coasts who love their oysters!

I can’t mention this Fall without our most exciting new collection of items for the bath and kitchen. Truly Southern appeals directly to the story we’ve been telling ourselves over the last few years. We’re proud to be Southern, and there’s ample culture here that we use to empower our designs and reach the homes around us. We feel Truly Southern is an idea strong enough to spread Northward also. Who can’t get into the vibe of sweet tea, pimento cheese sandwiches, tater salad, coffee and chicory or more? We’ve tasked ourselves with the continuation of this culture and we hope you feel it too. #southerenaissance

Our appeal is modern, kitschy, simple, elegant, historical and narrative-centric. We look different than everyone else, and it’s because we are different. We’re lead by a male décor designer, empowered by an all-female staff and centered around diversity in our business. We’re also mostly-millennial which means we try to be technology driven and simple to work with – without any of the fluff of the 20th century.

Don’t forget our biggest news this year: Free Shipping on All Orders and Convert Yourself to Wholesale. These should be real gamechangers. Our updated order minimum is a low $200 flat. If you get this book, and are ready to shop right away, then signup online and use code: 2018FRHM01 to “activate wholesale” in the account details page upon login. You don’t need anything else from us.

Try Roux today and join in a Truly #Southerenaissance,





In 2006, Roux Brands began specializing in wholesale home decor.  What began with a small, limited product line soon grew into a larger, more creative line of products.  Over the last few years we have become a locally inspired and designed brand who’s passion is creating wholesale home decor products that your customers will love. 

Today, the Roux Collection features designs by our director and chief designer, Casey Delmont Johnson. We reinvent traditional styles for your buyer with inspiration that comes from the grace and charm of the Gulf South. Our designers team up with our sales team to create the best products for your customers. 

Our goal here at Roux Brands is to ensure that working with Roux is the best experience.  From the designing process to the distribution, we do market research to find which designs work to ensure that your customers love our products.  Our warehouse team works to get your orders to you as quickly as possible.  Our social media team creates posts to generate buzz about our products that your customers will love.

If any problems arise with your order, we provide online support, but if you need immediate assistance, our team is available to help by phone.  We don’t want you to have problems, but we love being able to help find a solution.  Our team is always ready to greet you with a friendly smile, or ear.  We love feedback from our customers!

Roux is constantly working on developing new designs to stay on the trend of the best wholesale home decor, and to keep your inventory rolling with fresh looks.  If we see a trend, we go for it! We know having a winning item is how our retailers make the best profit, so we aim to get you the products you need to keep your sales up.  We find our best products and capitalize on it by extending a line, or freshening it up.  We want to provide you with unique wholesale home decor that your customers will love, and a buying experience that you will love. 

Check out our youtube channel for a deeper, behind the scenes look at Roux Brands. 


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