Roux and You





Roux Rewards

Roux Rewards is part of our broader campaign: Roux & You. In it, we're working hard on a program that will reward you for your loyalty. We know you have a choice in who you work with. By keeping track of what you're doing we can serve you best. We're giving status, also. You deserve to get a badge. Look for an entry level status, a medium tier and a top tier for our best customers. You can gain status by purchases or by feedback and participation. We will clue you in on how to act. Get ready for Roux Rewards.


Let's get to know each other...

We can't do the things we need to do without first knowing you. We want to hear from you. In this facet of Roux and you, we will ask probing questions about you, your business and your customers. This is the most fundamental part of good customer service. We have to understand youx. We don't want to be a bother, so we are working hard on a way to make the interaction fun. We'll keep it short and sweet. You never know what we will come up with once we've learned more about you. 



We know that working together is the only way to success. We want to be top notch and so do you. We can help! By promoting you and your businesses creatively we will see what works for the customer best. Look for exciting new vignettes, photos with your company logo on them, signs for your store and the things necessary to display them. In synergy, we can work for you. Let us do some of the lifting.